Monday, November 15, 2010

November 15: Packing Frozen Turkeys

~ Boyd County, Nebraska

November 15, 1922: A beautiful day but snow, plenty of mud and water. The boys hauled straw and went hunting towards evening. Floyd Sherlock went along. They all got 6 big rabbits and 11 cottontails. I made bread and a funny cake and cooked apple peelings for jell and went to Ableidingers for raspberries and butter last p.m.

~ Hidden Timber, South Dakota

November 15, 1925, Sunday: Will took out horses and brought some ponies and in p.m. Ed came and he and Will skinned one for meat for hogs. Louise fixed some clothes and wrote some letters. I fixed chicken and only did a little work. Several cars passed but none stopped.

November 15, 1926, Monday: Real strong N.W. wind and quite dusty, bright and cold until towards evening quite warm. William and Henry went to John and Jake Wisenbergers and got a wagon, Ben Clausen’s wagon box, wood-saw, ladder and wire-stretcher, and in p.m. they got a wagon ready to gather William’s corn.

Will went to Wagner’s and to the store for the mail, and in p.m. he helped the boys after Ray Bailey and Mr. Wagner got the feed grinder. Miss Doane went to school, and in the evening stirred the cream into butter, and Will couldn’t turn it. Ben Clausen went to the store and then home to Naper. I did only ordinary work.

November 15, 1932, Tuesday: After a real cold night was bright and warmer until towards mid p.m. got cold, and real cold in evening, but moon shone bright. I got meals and cleaned feathers in front room and kitchen, for Ben, Narvin and Will finished packing turkeys at 11:30 a.m. They froze last night, and it was a hard time to bend legs, we they broke five of them. Leon LaRue’s truck with Lester LaCleary as driver took in 450 lbs. of turkeys and brought back 2400 lbs. of coal, 20 gals. coal-oil, groceries and lumber, also some for Ben as he went along.

November 15, 1940, Friday: Bright, quiet, nice day. I got meals and lay down in p.m., played solitaire, listened to radio. The men chored and put 16 calves in the bull-pen to wean, and 1 bow-legged calf in the barn to wean, and 3 left with the cows as too young to wean. They took 5 bulls and 121 cows to Wisenberger Place, and left 4 milk cows, 10 old cows to sell, and 19 cows that have calves weaning and 3 with calves, 10 yearling steers and 13 yearling heifers all here at home. The men got in cobs and wood, and we have coal in the basement now.

November 15, 1947, Saturday: Will and I went to Winner at about 9:30 a.m., got Prestone in the car and meat at the locker, groceries and Radio Batteries and a present for Lolleys. Got a rug, 1 pr. pillow slips and cake bread cabinet, but what I needed for myself was underwear, but none were large enough or were too high priced. I looked so tacky that even the clerks at the Outlaw wouldn’t wait on me in the dry goods department. I am going to make myself some clothes or get some, some way, so I will be decent appearing because I at least ought to have one decent outfit. We enjoyed the ice cream when we got home.

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