Friday, May 21, 2010

May 21, 1933: We All Talked Chicks

~ Hidden Timber, South Dakota

May 21, 1933, Sunday: A bright, beautiful morning until 9 a.m., then started to cloud to west and north, and at about 10:30 a.m. a real rain storm, and in p.m. the sun shone bright and lovely, but was muddy. The men partly chored before breakfast, and Wm and I went to the store, got gas and oil and a few groceries, then on to Wm Pierce where we stopped awhile until the rain quit, but before we got to Pierce’s, the engine got wet and the car stopped during the worst rain, but finally we went on to Pierce’s, then after the rain tried the grade to edge of hills, and put chains on to get into pasture, then home, but Will, Narvin and John Wisenberger and Ben Clausen who came had dinner, so we had ours. We lost our radiator cap south of Pierce’s, so he loaned us one. 

Will and Narvin went to the hills to see if Mr. Rumolfson of north-east Winner was coming with his cattle, but he did not come. Jerry Karnes was here on horseback in p.m., and we all talked chicks. Curtie and Dutch Elshire were here this a.m. during the rain. They come to get Grandpa Elshire’s mare and colt. I didn’t mention that Wm and I were started to get Fred Larmer at Harry’s and take him to St. Francis to be confirmed.

May 20, 1933: King and Queen

~ Hidden Timber, South Dakota

May 20th, 1933, Saturday: Bright but cool N. E. wind. I got meals and baked bread and mopped floors. The men chored and got the lister ready, and at noon William started to list corn out here at home. Jay Tate and Dickie were here in a.m. after lister repairs. Will got seed-corn at Tony Martin’s and Narvin got a load of hay at Moore Creek, and he and Will put it in the barn in the evening. John Sundquist stopped on way to the store. He drives a sorrel team they got from Roy Hutchins, named King and Queen.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

May 19, 1933: 9 Bushels of Potatoes for R.F.C. Workers

~ Hidden Timber, South Dakota

May 19th, 1933, Friday: Cool N. E. breeze and bright until toward evening, then real cloudy in west but passed south. The men got in water and I washed clothes and got them dry, also got the meals, but I can hardly walk in evening, so all in. Will, Narve and Wm castrated colts in a.m., then Will went in wagon to Furrey’s, got their car, and he and Fred went to O’Kreek, but no trees there and he brought lister back. Narvin and Wm met an Allen boy with their cattle, and after dinner he went home and they took to them to the big-pasture and brought in young steers calves to castrate that belong to Hugh Smith. Oscar Ross and son Alf brought 9 bu. potatoes for R.F.C. workers, and they have 10 bu. at home. Roland Wilcutt went by with a team of white horses.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

May 18, 1933: 88 in the Shade

~ Hidden Timber, South Dakota

May 18th, 1933, Thursday: Bright, hot, 88 in the shade at mid-day and a N. W. breeze. I got meals and wrote some letters. The men chored, and Wm and Narvin got in horses and took some stock to the big-pasture. Will hurt his foot yesterday, so can hardly walk, but he sprouted potatoes and visited with a man from south towards Valentine who came to see if Mike could be bought. Will went to Earl Allen, west of the store, and they will bring down their cattle to-morrow. Being so warm, the men couldn’t work hard in p.m., but took it easy in late p.m. and put some 2 yr. old horses to corral as they separated mares from geldings and kept old mares close in. Have orders for underwear nearly finished, but I quit. Mr. and Mrs. Boyd stopped on way home from Store.

Monday, May 17, 2010

May 17, 1933: First Real Hot Day of Season

~ Hidden Timber, South Dakota

May 17th, 1933, Wednesday: Bright and real hot everywhere, even indoors, first real hot day of season. The men chored, and Wm, Narvin, Will and Nobel Moore who came this a.m. set out rhubarb and Tomato plants, and Will and I took eggs and got groceries at the store, and I got meals, and the Men branded and vaccinated our calves in p.m. Walter Ross came this a.m. Will got oil-stove down from up-stairs and cleaned a little at Basement. Ben Clausen came in evening, brought lister lay.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

May 16, 1933

~Hidden Timber, South Dakota

May 16th, 1933, Tuesday: A lovely forenoon but hot p.m. and some clouds and dust from south west. The men chored, and Wm and Narvin planted the garden and got our meals, for Will and I went to Furrey’s. L. A. Jonak, 2 miles south of Carter, and Thomas Whiting caught us near Furrey’s, so Fred Larmer rode with him as he went with us from Furreys and Harry and Bechstel came after, so he came back with them and Will and I went to Rumolfon’s, Murphy’s, back to Winner, got rhubarb and Tomato plants, to Witten where we ate ice-cream, to Chas. Stormworth of Witten, to John Jansen’s, Mosher, to O’Kreek, to Tom Sazama’s, to O’Kreek again, but no trees, on to Martin, Sioux-City truck there, so home about 9 p.m. Jerry Bowlin and a boy brought in 90 head of cattle. B. J. Wagner here in evening. Thomas stayed for lunch.