Saturday, September 4, 2010

September 4: Lots of Men at Winner Let Their Whiskers Grow

~ Boyd County, Nebraska

September 4, 1920: Was a fair day so Will and Howard each got corn and then moved the hay-stacker and sweeper to our hay south from Dave’s after Chas. Hines went home. We had fried chicken and custard pie and the other necessaries for dinner. The men fixed the sweep then Brad did his chores. We took him to depot on way to Butte. Orville Ernest brought our saddle home while we were away. We are well.

September 4, 1921: Was a rain at 7 a.m., cleared about 1 a.m., rest of day bright. We went to Spencer, had dinner at folks, and in p.m. went to H. Bradstreets for visit, had lunch of cake and peaches. We returned home in evening tired. We have our own watermelons these days so took some to town.

~ Hidden Timber, South Dakota

September 4, 1923: A bright hot day and quite windy, too windy to have a fire for dinner, which we ate near trees east of Dorian Buttes, 7 miles after passing through Millboro, South Dakota Got to Ed’s in evening and Rena, Helen, Lemoyne, Kenneth, Seth, Leo and Edward Jr. and William Whiting were at home, also Agnes Fallis was here.

September 4, 1926, Saturday: In the evening, George, William, Bess and Louise, who came this evening, went to Tom’s dance, no music, so they came for gramophone.

September 4, 1929, Wednesday: Bright, cold day. I had a fire in the cook-stove all day and made bread and pumpkin pie and made the meals and sewed a little. Will and Roy made hay on Moore Creek. Harry and Louise were here in late p.m. and got their cedar chest. George Smith came for the night. Orville Elshire brought in 3 truck loads of Dave’s oats for Pat and Tates.

September 4, 1930, Thursday: Strong south wind early a.m. but not so bad in the day, but hot and bright. The men finished hay on Moore Creek and brought home machinery in evening. I mopped kitchen floor, got 2 meals, took a bath in the river and fixed a chicken supper.

September 4, 1932, Sunday: After a cold night, was a nice day. I got up at 9 a.m., and Narve, Will and Wm slept until noon, so we had dinner instead of breakfast. Lemoyne, Kenneth, Clarence, Seth, Harold and Percy Wheeler came in Ed’s car, and Seth took Lemoyne’s horse home before dinner, but rest of the boys stayed here, and in p.m. Wm and Narve went along to Boyds where they ate melon and came back to Elshire ball diamond, where neighbor-hood had a jolly time playing ball.

September 4, 1933, Monday: Wm stayed at Furreys last night, and came home on Scotch from Rosebud Council, left a week ago Friday.

September 4, 1934, Tuesday: Cool night and morning, had to have fire in the heater early morning. Bright and nice day. Will went to bunch alfalfa, and Fritz and Elmer drove the black bawl-face broncho to Ben’s, and got the hog they butchered last evening. Maggie and I cut it, rendered lard, made liver-wurst sausage, canned 15 quarts, and fried 6 gallons.

The men stacked the alfalfa, and Dutch Enders came to take Will to thistles, on to Relief Workers, but could not get them to stack Will’s thistles, so Will had the boys take the hay tools over there and he went to the store and got them later, for they left the horses at Noble’s.

September 4, 1939, Monday: Bright, warm day, a south breeze at times. I got breakfast, Will chored, and we went to Winner to Labor Day Celebration, got them in time for Parade. Lots of men at Winner let their whiskers grow, so had an old time stage coach, old-fashioned buggy with horses, also very modern ways of travel.

The Hastings, Nebr. Drum and Bugle Corp of American Legion Members, the Junior Members of Pierre American Legion Band in Scotch uniforms, and the Winner Band with Cowboy Hats and Red Bandanas and White Suits. The Hastings bunch had white trousers, Silver Helmets, Red shirts and bright Purple Blue Jackets. We had dinner at the Park on the blue grass with Harry, Louise, Dorothy, Harley, Billie Furrey. Went to Fair Grounds, got in grandstand, saw it all.

September 4, 1946, Wednesday: Bright, hot day after cool night, was 94 above and clouded in evening. I got meals, lay down in p.m. Will took a lunch as it rained last night, so he helped get washer ready, put tub of ice water in machine, and got a couple of pails in, and I put clothes through 2 waters, for I emptied machine as it ran and got in more water, took those that I got three second lukewarm water to Will, and rinsed and put on the line.

Friday, September 3, 2010

September 3: CheeriOats and Ladies Be Seated

~ Hidden Timber, South Dakota

September 3, 1923: A bright hot day. Came via Mills, Nebr. Had dinner west of here on prairie near a grove. Traveled to Key Paha County to near Wewela, S. Dak. Went into Tripp County. Camped N. W. Wewela for the night.

September 3, 1932, Saturday: Not so cold last night, and Will, Wm and I came home at 3 a.m. again [from WNAX Happy Jack Dance and rodeo] but our time is fast, so we are late but early. 
Will, Wm and I went to Bergins, got Mrs. and Tommy, and we went to O’Kreek where Brownville Juniors, the River-Rats, played O’Kreek Juniors, and an older team played a pick-up team, for Tom wasn’t there with Hidden Timber team. Rodeo was a success, but one rider got a cut between small finger and next one that cut an artery. He put up his hand when the horse went into the fence. The New Orchestra of Mosher played an hour, then no dance, so Legion put everything in Smiths with Carl Anderson’s truck. We took Bergins home.

September 3, 1934, Monday: Cold night, bright, cool morning for Labor Day, and a lovely day. I fixed the pickles in jars and cooked the vinegar and Maggie sealed it, also cooked those we are using for they are forming a scum, also peeled peaches, and Maggie made 3 pies. I churned the cream Will got at Tates this morning, and Maggie helped. It took 4 ½ hours to finish.

I tried to sleep, but my feet were cold. I got up and finished the butter and watched Elshire and the relief crew put up thistles, and they won’t stack Will’s on Nobel’s land, so Will had Thomas take him to Mission to see about it, and Mr. Stevenson, Chairman, sent out orders to stack.

Maggie got meals and the other work, also cut out her every-day dress. Fritz and Elmer mowed alfalfa, and Fritz raked late p.m. Elmer went to help Ben butcher a hog.

September 3, 1945, Monday: Was warm last night and this morning cool, but did not last long, for sun shone bright, a northeast breeze, got to 94 above in p.m., a beautiful evening.

I got my eats, boiled eggs, potatoes, fresh peaches, tomatoes, pears, bread, butter, CheeriOats and milk and some roast beef, but it is gone this evening. I fed chickens, dog and cats, boiled scraps for chickens, listened to radio, the Midwest Farmer’s Day at Yankton, and this is always Navy Day, Admiral Leahy of Navy with Great Lakes Navy Band (show, Meet the Navy), also Johnny Olson’s Aunt Jemima’s Pancake Show, “Ladies Be Seated,” was fun at Yankton Stadium.

Will and Tom are at Sioux City, Iowa Market, and our 8 cows were sold at noon and broadcast between 12:15 p.m. and 12:35 p.m. I heard it, also W. L. Abbott had cattle on this market.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

September 2: Left for Todd County, South Dakota

~ Boyd County, Nebraska

September 2, 1922: Another bright hot day, south wind. Will and Floyd finished road then we went to Spencer, had supper at folks, came home after Will’s hair cut. A beautiful evening, wish we had a car and nice clothes so I could walk the streets in the evening.

September 2: 1923: A bright, hot day. Chas. and Alex Ward, Will and I left for Todd County, South Dakota at 8:30 a.m. via mouth of Keya Reha River, had dinner here, went through S. W. Boyd to Keya Paha line to camp for the night. A beautiful evening across Boyd County line.

~ Hidden Timber, South Dakota

September 2, 1926, Thursday: Rena, Leo and Edward fell in the creek, so got wet, and Tom took them home.

September 2, 1927, Friday: Another bright, hot day and I got dinner early and Ben, Will, Kenneth and Lawrence did not come in, but when they did, Will went to Boosters Meeting at Rosebud, and I rode to the store and ordered groceries and walked back and did up work and got supper and was sleeping nicely when Will came in at 11 o’clock and then oh my!

September 2, 1929, Monday: Bright nice Labor Day until p.m., cloudy. Will and Roy chored. Dave came in at 1:20 a.m. from O’Kreek, but got up to be best-man for Harry and Louise as they were married at 9:30 a.m. at Little Hidden Timber Church. St. Therese’s. Dave, Louise, Jeanette, Nellie, Mary, Harry and Harriet went in our car. Roy took Wm Whitings, and Will and I went in Harry’s Car, and after Mass we came every way as Ed and family came down, also Mrs. Wheeler, Perry, Norman and Lycenia as they were at church, also Mr. and Mrs. Bart Wagner and Madeline and Tom, Thomas, Stanley and Harold. 

Louise dressed in blue and Nellie in Tan as she was bridesmaid. Harry and Louise went home in evening. Dave left for O’Neill with Nellie, Mary and Harriet and Jeanette, and they took Mrs. Wheeler and Lycenia home. Mr. Wheeler came and took trunks to Winner and Perry went with him and Norman rode home with Ed and family. 

Father Goll left for St. Francis in a hurry this a.m. Roy went around stock and Will and I went out to the field in Oscar Jackson’s Car and got green corn. Jay Tate and 2 men, a truck load of Wheeler crowd came to Chiverie Louise and Harry but they were home, so they went over there. It was cloudy then, late evening.

September 2, 1933, Saturday: Will and Curt brought Curt’s truck back in the evening from the hay-field, and it got burnt at the foot-board from a short in the wires, and a miracle there was no prairie fire, for it also burnt a coat.

September 2, 1939, Saturday: Bright, very hot, in fact I just perspired at times sitting in the front room, had to close one window on account of an east wind that blew papers around, makes it more hot, but it was a nice evening. I got meals, lay down in p.m. and played solitaire, listened to radio, for Poland and Germany are fighting, and England and France are about to enter.

September 2, 1940, Monday: Bright, hot day, south wind quite dusty at times, was warm last night and again this evening.

I got only breakfast for Seth chored and got his family, and we went to Labor Day celebration at Winner. Got there for the Parade, and had a nice place north of Weeks Filling Station facing north to road from Fair Grounds. The Parade consisted of American Legion, Civil War, Spanish War Veterans, Indian Scouts with Carl Nelson in the lead and a lot of Indians, Butte, Nebr., White River and Winner Bands, Floats, a lot of them. God Bless America was nice by Women’s Clubs. The Mountaineers was real nice. 

Saw Foster May, W.O.W. Radio, New Commentator, and he has light hair and is not so tall, for reached George Bailey, Winner, just above the shoulders. A good looking man, always smiling. The Jimmie Lynch Death-Dodgers were at Fair Grounds. Home at sunset.

September 2, 1946, Monday: Labor Day, but not celebrations in this country on account of Polio, so many children and older ones sick and dying, also heard over radio that no school at Winner for two weeks, and that Marian Mathews of W.N.A.X. Radio, Piano Player, had died at Yankton to-day.

Will took lunch and went to mow on sub-marginal land, and a fire burnt some bunched hay or in windrows and half a mile of grass north west corner of our pasture. It started at the fence where Clarence Paulson was mowing and west Southwest, so Will stayed out there with McKees until after dark. This fire started at about 5 p.m. and so many folks fought it that it wasn’t long until it was out, for they stopped it at McKees’ fire guard.

Was I worried after it got dark, sure that he might have had an accident and I cannot walk very far, would just sit here and worry. I maybe could signal with a lighted lamp and looking glass, but I suppose couldn’t draw any attention. We ate supper at 9:30 p.m., then rested awhile and returned. I was thankful the fire was no worse and that Will got home.

September 2, 1951, Sunday: Bright day so Will and I had lunch and went to Furreys in our V8 Coupe for Louise and Harry’s Wedding Anniversary, the 22nd one, they were married Sept. 2, 1929 at Hidden Timber, St. Therese Chapel, at 9:30 a.m.. Today Louise, Harry, Harley, Billie and Mary were at home, and Dorothy is with O’Brien girls of Norris, S.D., Mellette, County.

They had a delicious dinner of fried chicken, potatoes, gravy, roasting ears, buffalo berry jell, berries gathered from Carl Nelson’s orchard, butter, homemade bread, coffee, cream, brownies and roasting ears.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September 1: Surprise Shower and Mock Wedding

~ Boyd County, Nebraska

September 1, 1923: A bright day, cool morning but warm day. Will and Everett hauled all hogs over, took sweep to Ableidingers, west to Spencer in p.m. Alex Ward to get rake and brought buggy, so we leave for Todd Co., S. Dak. in morning.

~Hidden Timber, South Dakota

September 1, 1928, Saturday: Bright, nice except mid-day, real warm. Abe Elshire came and Louise took our car and Dave, Nellie, Mary, Jeannette and Harriet left for Spencer and O’Neill, Nebr. The Girls to stay and attend St. Mary’s Academy at O’Neill. Abe took in a load of Rye for Dave and the Girls’ trunks and brought back last of the folks’ furniture from the old Home at Spencer.

Ben Clausen left for Naper, Nebr. Will went to Moore’s and raked hay. Roy Hutchins went on Horseback to Plummers and brought 2 of his horses in late evening.

I stayed alone and was nervous, couldn’t even sleep, first time alone in months, so I mopped all the down-stairs and washed up all the dishes and fixed a fried-chicken supper.

September 1, 1929, Sunday: Harry Furrey was here so we ate a hurry up meal for the crowd to come, also Father Goll came to instruct Harry and stayed all night. He went to church, also Harry and Louise.

Those here in p.m. to the surprise shower and Mock Wedding were Mr. and Mrs. C. Corey, Gladys and Maxine, Mr. and Mrs. A. Elshire and Howard, Mr. and Mrs. Elias Beckstil and children, Vern, Vera and 2 small girls, Mr. and Mrs. George Smith and Garnet, Mr. and Mrs. Ora Daywitt, Madeline and Dan Wagner and Mrs. Wm Wagner’s sister, Mrs. Wheeler and Lysenia, Mrs. Snyder and Gwendolyn, Mrs. Lattimore, Tina, Nettie, Mary, Ivan and Melvin, Ed, Rena, Lemoyne, Kenneth, Seth, Leo, Edward, Charlotte and Clarence., Mrs. Curt Elshire, Edith, Marjorie and Nora, Viola, and Dick Schmidt. None of Tom’s boys brought back things she was to wear as Bride, as she did not come. Roy and Mary went for Madeline and Mrs. Wm Wagner’s sister, and Dan took them home.

Nellie finished packing the trunks. Dave went to O’Kreek and on to Winner to a ball-game between O’Kreek and Winner and was not home at bed-time. Wes Hornbach went to Waltons for dinner from the store.

September 1, 1931, Tuesday: Clouds at times and sprinkled rain and in p.m. a shower. Wm stayed indoors on account of his eye, and we got him blue glasses at Valentine.

September 1, 1934, Saturday: Cold North breeze in the night. Bright, cool and p.m. warmer and clouds towards evening brought some hail and a real rain so that creek east of barn was roaring full just at dark, but Antelope and Rock Creeks never came up.

I wrote in diaries, cooked vinegar over on pickles, and slept in p.m., played solitaire and read mail and wiped dishes in evening and at noon. Maggie got meals, baked pies and cakes, cleaned the down-stairs. Will mowed alfalfa in a.m., and Noble Moore and Orville Hepburn came and said that Relief Men won’t stack Will’s thistles and the Government’s on Moore place, so they went to Mission to see about it, but nothing definite yet.

September 1, 1935, Saturday: Will and I went to O’Kreek to Noah Wright and his father Jim Wright’s funeral. They died Friday night and Saturday morning.

September 1, 1937, Wednesday: The Gold Fish we got from Mr. and Mrs. Brown, O’Kreek farmer, died last night. We had it four years last June, so now all I have left as a luxury are a few plants.

September 1, 1938, Thursday: Bright, warm day. I got meals and in p.m. Will, LeMoyne and I went to Carter where I had Dr. Malster look at my right eye, it has 2 abscesses in it, so got dope for it. Then to Winner where LeMoyne had his right knee fixed, for it was swollen by dislocated cartilage. Dr. Jansen did the work. We got flowers for Jerry Boyd, for Narvin, Mose and Lloyd came at 5 a.m. and said that Jerry died at 2 a.m. at Rosebud Hospital, so Will took Narvin and Lloyd to Wood to get George Nelson, undertaker, to go to Rosebud, and also to get some one to dig Grave at St. Mary’s Cemetery near Wood, S.D.

September 1, 1939, Friday: I got meals and washed all the dishes, for Will washed the clothes and I rinsed them, and he put them on the line and brought them in after we ate dinner. Narvin rode around cattle and he got back at noon and said that Mr. Wm Anderson, father of Mrs. Wm Abbott, died suddenly in the night at his home in Winner last Tuesday, and is to be buried today at Winner, so we got ready, went to Winner, got there just as the services started at Lutheran Church along the street going into Winner. Will and Narvin went to the church, and I sat in the car, and Will got to coughing so he came to the car. Narvin went with Harry and Harley in their pick-up, and Will and I took Louise, Dorothy and Billie in our car. We went to the cemetery. After the funeral we stopped at Outlaw for awhile so Louise and I could visit.

September 1, 1941, Monday: was nice in the morning but a south wind strong and dusty at times, and a cloud in the evening, only a sprinkle on us as we came from Winner and stopped at Furreys to eat watermelon, and I fried pork chops on return for supper. Seth had the chores finished, so Will just read the mail we got at the Whiting Store, for we came around the highway. Seth and Will started to cut cane, but broke the binder, so came, got tools to take it apart, and Will and I went to Winner to attend Labor Day Celebration and get groceries and repairs for binder.

Dinner at the park with Furreys, then to Bleachers on Fair Grounds to see The Suicide Club, Dare-devil acts with cars, motor-cycles, and White River Band and Mitchell American Legion Junior Drum and Bugle Corps.

September 1, 1950, Friday: Bus, Lew, Will and Kenneth stacked on Hornstra Land and did a lot, such as put up 1 stack in 8 minutes.

September, 1, 1951, Saturday: Cloudy, damp until towards noon, brighter, so Will and I went to Big Pasture, took salt to 3 boxes, looked cattle over, came home via Wm Abbotts, where Mrs. was washing clothes and Cora Ann getting dinner. Combine men were in the house. Wm, Leo and Billie Francis visiting in the yard.

Mrs. Abbott talked to me while the men visited. Mr. Harry Antis of Winner and an Indian man came with a truck to get their share of oats. Abbotts have Bushels and Bushels of Oats and 2 days to combine. Billie and these 2 men had a wreck with the combiners’ pick-up, when the lights went out, and they went into the ditch, but the men not badly hurt, just hurt. Someone took them back to Winner and they got back to Abbotts Thursday night.

August 31: Stacking Thistles

~ Hidden Timber, South Dakota

August 31, 1929, Saturday: Bright, warm day but got cool in eve. Roy went to Lattimores to thresh. Will mowed hay on Moore Creek and home late eve. The girls and Dave came in from Rosebud this morning, but Dave got up near noon, so he and I went to Ed’s and got potatoes and went to the store for mail. Louise cleaned all the house, and the girls cleaned and pressed their dresses and Nellie packed trunks. They took one to Valentine yesterday and sent it to O’Neill.

August 31, 1934, Friday: Fair night to sleep for was too hot Wednesday night, but bright, hot day. Maggie's W. O. Roberts Fan-tail fish died yesterday morning, so we miss it very much. Maggie got meals, went to Hidden Timber and mailed letters and had mailman bring freight tomorrow, and rested in p.m., then mended some of her clothes. She went horseback on Tennessee to P.O. for the men are at Noble’s Place in the morning, stacking and raking thistles, and Chaunceys finished mowing them, and Will went to Mission and got consent of Relief Board to turn his mowed thistles over to Govt, and Relief workers on East road will stack them, and Will gets half, and he and Elmer stacked about 25 tons already, so men brought home sweep and stacker in evening.

Harley Brown took the mowers and tractor to mow Guy Bailey’s alfalfa, for Guy is in the hospital at Winner, very ill. I read, looked at catalogs and made out 2 orders for Maggie and self, slept in p.m., cooked pickle juice and put over same as this is several days making kind of pickles, first brine, 3 or less days, according to strength of brine. After 3 days in brine, then three days in spiced, sweetened vinegar and cooked each day and poured over same. I also mended socks, fixed over an everyday dress and wiped dishes in evening.

August 31, 1939, Thursday: Will and Narvin went around the north side of Big Pasture Fence and fixed it. They went in the car, so were home at noon, and in the afternoon went horseback, took cows and calves from south end of Big Pasture to windmill on Moore Creek, then took Scotty, 10 mares, 1 yr. old mare colt and 5 colts to the winter pasture from Big pasture, and brought 1 sorrel gelding of Wm Pierce’s, 2 young mares, Blacks, and 1 White Mare, 1 spotted Light Mane and Tail Gelding, also Brown Gelding. These Horses are from 4 yrs. down to 1 yr. old, and the old mares are old, but there are 4 young mares in the herd.

August 31, 1941, Sunday: Was a beautiful day. I got meals, lay down in p.m., went with Ben and Will up the valley to trees on the Lunderman Valley where we saw pheasants, came home for dinner, and we all slept in p.m., then visited awhile before Ben went home in his Model T. homemade pick-up.

August 31, 1947, Sunday: Bright, warm, in fact, hot p.m. I got eats and Will took me to 9 o’clock Mass, but there was none, so we came back just as Billie, Cora Ann and Mrs. Wm Abbott came to see if we have a drop leaf table they could use at Winner. They are to live on street going west on Highway 18 in the Wm Anderson home, Mrs. Abbott’s father. They have 2 front rooms and an enclosed porch. Mrs. Delores, Billie, Cora Ann, Tommy Colombe and Gene McCormick will stay here for the school year. Wm, Leo and Ed will take care of Abbott place.

Harley Furrey will stay at Shoemakers where he has been last 3 yrs. Dorothy at Lee Andersons, west of Kehlers, where she and Delores stayed last year.

August 31, 1949, Wednesday: Joe Herman was buried by Aunt Blanche, east end of cemetery, N.W. of Colome. We came right back to Winner, got a spray of red carnations to take to the funeral.

August 31, 1952, Sunday: Northwest wind and was hot in p.m. but sun shone, and Will and I went to Rosebud Fair in p.m., not so good. Louise and I sat in the car, visited. Mary, Dorothy and Helen O’Brien of Norris, Mellette, Co., took in sights until Harold Emery in his Studebaker Car took Dorothy and Helen to Furreys, then I guess to the show. Harry, Will and Billie sat in the Grand Stand, also Hank Haukaas family.

August 30: Too Bad I Had To Be Nervous

~ Boyd County, Nebraska

August 30, 1923: A bright forenoon but toward evening clouded and quite warm. Will went to Spencer in p.m., and with Lawrence Marx, Everett Ward, John Ableidinger, Charles Crabtree’s help, they put up stack of hay. I picked apples a.m. then raked and took time to get supper and so nervous.

~ Hidden Timber, South Dakota

August 30, 1929, Friday: A bright day. Roy helped Lattimore thresh, Will mowed and Raked hay on Moore Creek and visited with Wm Pierce and family and Charles Moore. Dave came back to Wheelers and Mrs. and Lycenia came down and got the girls, and they went to Rosebud Fair, and Dave and Nellie to St. Francis, and Louise and Harry were up there, so Dave stayed at St. Francis and others went to Valentine and not home at bed time. I just did the necessary work. Mrs. Ben Fitch and Ben’s Niece came to circulate petition for the Whiting School.

August 30, 1939, Wednesday: Bright and north-east breeze cool. I got meals, lay down in p.m. and played solitaire, also baked bread and a cake in the evening. Will and Narvin chored, went horseback to Winter pasture, where they brought in 143 cows and over a hundred calves and 5 bulls. There was one bull here and 8 cows, and they branded 10 calves, this makes 135 head of calves, 3 being mine H-W brand, also 4 of the cows and 1 yearling heifer in Big Pasture. There are 30 head of steers and heifers in Big Pasture, so men left them there, these were late calves last year.

August 30, 1940, Friday: Another bright, hot day, and was dusty in evening at Rosebud where we stayed for the Movie of Pictures taken last year of the Fair, and others of various gardens and scenes of Pine Ridge Fair and Projects of Rosebud Reservation.

Seth and Will fixed the well east of Strids this forenoon, also chored, and we all went to Rosebud Fair, got there at noon. Saw an enormous crowd and a nice program. Chas. Haight, Pierre, S.Dak., American Legion Athletic Director, who brought the Pierre Junior American Legion Ball team to Rosebud to play O’Kreek Juniors, O’Kreek won 7 to 4, also Chas. Worchester, Yankton Agricultural Overseer, were taken in as Honorary Chiefs of Rosebud Tribes. Haight is Chief Little Bear and Worchester is Chief Swift Eagle. There was a lot of fun to their invitation, and they had a race in mule carts, but tied. Yesterday Supt. Whitlock and Fr. Fallon, St. Francis, had the race and tied also. Mr. Peteler, Forest Ranger, and Carl Aamodt, Fair Supt., had a race before dinner. These mules are hitched to a 4 wheel, small wagon with shafts. The farm products, rodeo, White River band, trapeze performers were fine.

August 30, 1947, Saturday: Angie had hysteria last night and said she saw a man’s face in the window, and in the afternoon I saw an object down at southeast corner of fence in lot east of Leightons, appeared to be a person leaning on fence braces, but Will just laughs at me, but I am jittery just the same, so this night I hooked all the screen doors, but never told Will. Leightons are gone, made it seem much more spooky, but I am nervous as can be, was a beautiful moonlit night, so too bad I had to be nervous. Next time we must look into queer objects.

August 30, 1949, Tuesday: Abbott was at Tom Colombe’s last p.m., and they told him that Joe Herman died at Hospital, Brent, Oregon, August 26, 1949, so I hope we can go tomorrow.

Monday, August 30, 2010

August 29: Good Eats and a Good Time

~ Boyd County, Nebraska

August 29, 1920: Was a windy day but bright and cool. It was Papa’s and Louise’s 72nd and 18th Birthdays, so Will and I went with Mrs. O. Ernest, Mr. and Mrs. Orvil Ernest and Mr. and Mrs. Tom Ernest and Lorin and Mr. and Mrs. A. Woolhiser and Havalin to dinner at folks in a wagon. We were late as they had to help Uncle Chris ship cattle. 

Mr. and Mrs. E. Angel, Julia, Albert, Rose and Bess were there also Mr. and Mrs. Martin Langan, Loretta and Mildred and Ralph Bauman. We had good eats and a good time and had pictures taken of the crowd. The young folks or single ones went to a picnic at baker so were left out.

Photo Taken August 29, 1920 of Mary and Edward Whiting

August 29, 1921: Was a bright, hot day, although muddy. I took cream and eggs to town in forenoon. Will and Mr. Paul Wilson castrated hogs. In p.m. Will cut cockle burrs and I did up work and made a cake. Will came in sick from field on account of heat. In evening Tom Ernest and Will Towne came and we went to Ernests for cream and cake. Tom wanted Will to go for a joy-ride. I said, “No.” for Rudolph was at Anoka, not Bristow.

~ Hidden Timber, South Dakota

August 29, 1925, Saturday: A bright hot day after cool morning, and a cloudy N. W. wind in evening, but no rain. Will, Jake, Lawrence, George Cihak and George Smith stacked a lot of hay. Louise and I cleaned the front room and kitchen and in p.m. went to Menz’s and they all went with us to get Louise’s trunks and boxes and Deitz’s, where he brought them yesterday, it is 10 miles east. Levi and Gale brought our team home, also came over in p.m. to get gasoline and they stayed until we got back at 10:30 p.m., as we wandered all over S. W. of Deitz’s after we left Keya Paha and Gooby, so had to go back to Welch’s and home north side of river. Will had a headache, also Louise was sick with a headache.

August 29, 1934, Wednesday: Elmer and Will tried stacking with slings, but nothing doing, so came home for stacker. Elmer and Billie got clothes at home to protect them from thistle thorns. It was 15 months today I got my leg broken, so walked considerably without crutches today, also Louise and Papa’s Birthday.

August 29, 1936, Saturday: Cool N.E. breeze, was real cool in night, but got warmer, and Will cut pork-chops, so I finished cutting the meat, cooked some and the rind for lard, and Will hung out hams for the night.

August 29, 1954, Sunday: Went at 10:30 a.m to Furreys. There was Sunday School at the Nelson School. A few folks were there. Wm and Julia Fronek were there in their Dodge Car. They brought 2 fried chickens, 2 apple pies, a large pan of rolls and an angel food cake. So Jeanne fixed out cake, 2 layers, with Birthday Greetings, and Mary made a 2 layer lemon butter cake. Fronek’s and our angel food cakes were for the 25th Anniversary Party, September 2nd was the day.

August 28: Practiced a Mock Wedding

~ Hidden Timber, South Dakota

August 28, 1927, Sunday: Bright, hot day. Ben, Henry and Lawrence went to O’Kreek last evening to a dance, so they are dumpy this a.m. After dinner, Lawrence went home and was not back at bedtime. Ed and family, Jay Tate and Sam Cook were here today, and Will and I took Jay Tate home and stopped at the store on our way back and got groceries and home late evening, and I got a lunch, and all the men are upset because I want a higher school at Hidden Timber and am in for making Mr. Morford prove his charges against the referendum, but I guess the day was spent in vain.

August 28, 1929, Thursday: A bright, nice day. Roy went around stock and to Lattimores to help thresh after he and Nellie went to the store in Wm Whiting’s car, for Dave took his car to Rosebud Fair and he went alone, and Harry came and took Louise to the Fair. This is her birthday day, and Mesdames Smith, Schmidt, Lenny and son Franklin, Snyder and daughter, Gwendolyn, Fitch and daughter Bernice, Wheeler and daughter Lysenia, Hoon, Corey and Daughters Gladys and Maxine, Daywitt, Madeline Wagner and Mrs. (Ben Fitch’s niece), Burning and daughter and Mrs. Hoon. We practiced a Mock Wedding and tied a quilt and so much fun, but no Louise, so they will come again on Sunday. Will mowed hay.

August 28, 1930, Thursday: Sun shone in a.m., then clouded and rainy, very cold in p.m. I nearly froze at Rosebud Indian Fair where Ben, Wm and Will and I went in p.m., for the men put up a stack of hay in a.m., and we stopped at Wheelers and left a little present for Margaret Schmidt’s shower this p.m. Wm stayed at the Fair, and Will, Ben and I came back at 10:15 p.m., so went right to bed. Dave and Lee were here at noon, and all went to Fair, also.

August 28, 1941, Thursday: Bright, cool after a few clouds in morning, but hot in p.m. I got breakfast, and Seth chored. Will washed car last evening. We went to Mission, got a few things, then to Rosebud Park where Furrey Family were waiting to eat dinner. We all ate, then to Rosebud Fair Grounds, where we parked side by each. Harry and Will went to Grand Stand, and the children walked around and Louise and I visited, watched broncho riding, also calf roping, ball game Mission vs. Winner, Mission was the Hidden Timber team. Winner won. Winner Band, Trick Roping, Knife Throwing, Trick Horse and some nice singing by Indian Men and an Indian Girl, Rosa Desersa of Rosebud, singing was nice. Will and I ate supper at a tent café on fair grounds, went to Rosebud to get gas, got Tom Whiting and came home, got here at 10 p.m.

August 28, 1942, Friday: I got in water to soak clothes and fill boiler and started the washing machine motor, first time since we owned it, but when I stopped it to put hot water in, I couldn’t start it again, so I had to wait for Will at noon.

August 28, 1944, Monday: We went to Winner, had dinner at Ryan Café, got bond fixed so it could be sent in to get signature of company at New York City, then to Bud Anderson’s American Victory Circus north of railroad tracks on grassy plot. It was enjoyable for me. The tent was crowded to overflowing, but Will did not like it. We saw Van Epps, Gehlsens, Pierces, Abbotts, Claude Sully got our ticket so we got in, in a hurry, and nice reserved seats.

August 28, 1954, Saturday: Bright day, so after a damp morning Will and Dave went to mow on Scissons and submarginal land north of Scissons. In p.m., Dave worked on some repairing and went on Cookie, spotted a horse of theirs, went to Big Pasture to look over cattle in p.m.

Will, Jeanne, Jack, Cherrie and I went in our car to Valentine to get Will’s hair cut and repairs for mowing, groceries and a rug for Harry and Louise’s 25th Anniversary, September 2nd, and we will go tomorrow to their place. I got trimmings for Birthday Day, Louise’s 52 years, and made a 2 layer cake with chocolate filling, also an angel food for 25 years Anniversary, but no powdered sugar, so no icing. I got some in town. Us and Parkers got groceries and had lunch of popcorn, hamburgers, pop, ice cream cones. We ate on the way home.

Came home at 12:30 a.m. I was too all in to ice the cake, so gave Will a pork chop sandwiches, also one for me, and we retired.

August 27: To Bed in a Hurry

~ Hidden Timber, South Dakota

August 27, 1929, Tuesday: A bright, hot day until evening clouded. Dave, Roy and Will cut and raked hay on Moore Creek and took their dinner and came home to butcher in the evening. Louise washed the clothes alone until late p.m., when Nellie helped her, for Nellie and I went to the store and also to Wagners, Fitch’s, Tryons, Ed Andersons, Frank Bruning, Wheelers and Lennys and Lattimores and told them all about the shower on Louise. Mary, Harriet and Jeanette sewed on Bloomers and dresses. I heated water to butcher.

August 27, 1930, Wednesday: A bright, nice day, cool breeze from North. The men chored and Wm went to Elshires and helped Gerald and Curtie bring up calves to castrate, and Curt came in the truck and Thomas, Stanley and Harold came horseback. Ben and Will worked at sweep and helped with calves. In p.m., Ben and Wm put hay in stack, and Will and I went to Harry Furrey’s, we and Nellie Whiting went along to Rosebud, where we got Louise and son Harley Edward Furrey, who is 12 days old.

August 27, 1955, Saturday: Rained last night and at times this a.m., clouded until p.m. Dave, Chester and Will worked at sickles, and Dave and Chester put new guards in mower up on My Creek in p.m. Will slept awhile and visited with Mr. and Mrs. Wm L. Abbott, who came in a truck to get the mower repairs, but none on our old mower, so they went home to get some of Elmer Chauncey’s. Will gave Abbott some old Tractor Tires, and he will have them fixed for his use. They brought us Field Corn, Roasting Ears, were they good.

Will mopped kitchen and swept front room. Mrs. Abbott and I washed dishes, she did most. Will took a bath and we got ready, went to Valentine at about 6 p.m., traded at Hi Way Market, got a lunch of Frosty Freezes and Sandwiches, went to drive in on 20, west of town. It is 7 Brides for 7 Brothers. Was real nice, but lightning in the south and east seemed to get nearer to Valentine, so we came home after seeing the Square Dance part of the show. Jones’s and Parkers went in Parkers’ Buick Car to Mission, left after we went to Valentine, but must have got there O.K. We came home at 11:30 p.m., so to Bed in a hurry, tired by happy.